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Victory Church
Heart for the House

This house is God’s house. It is where we belong, serve, love, and devote our time and talents for His glory; a house not built upon the talent of a few, but the sacrifice of many. It is where we LIVE, MOVE, and BE in the fullness of Christ.

We pray BIG Prayers, to a BIG God, and we expect BIG results.

    I’m asking my church family to pray with me in the following ways:

    Because my family and I have a heart for this house, and believe it's fertile soil, I am committed to give the amount below (above and beyond my tithe) between now and December 31, 2021.

    We believe in the power, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    Printable Reminder PDF

    Download the printable PDF to keep on your fridge, mirror or some other place to give yourself a daily reminder of how to be AVAILABLE for God to work in your life!

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