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2021 – Available 21 Day Fast
Wanted: Available History Maker

Romans 1:1 NASB
Paul, a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God.

Has anybody ever heard of an English businessman by the name of George Mueller? He is widely considered to be one of the greatest men of prayer and faith in the 19th century. 

Mueller is best known for the orphanages he ran in Bristol, England. Most orphans in that day lived in miserable workhouses or on the streets (Like Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist). Mueller took them in, fed them, clothed them, and educated them. History records that he cared for over 10,000 orphans over his lifetime! 

The amazing thing is that he never made known the need of this ministry to anyone, except to God in prayer. Mueller records in his journals over 50,000 specific answers to prayer. Amazingly, 30,000 of which were answered the same day or the same hour that he prayed! He simply accredits it to his availability to pray.

So how will your availability to God mark you as a history maker?

Your personal application: 

  1. Ask God to reveal where you need to be more available to Him.
  2. What is it that is holding you back in this area?
  3. What would be an easy first step to take once you understand what is holding you back?
  4. Who can you trust to help you?

John Chasteen

Equip Pastor

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